The Car Consultant’s Selling Service

Selling your car privately will give you the best financial return.

The alternatives being to part-exchange at a dealership, followed by a car buying website, both options leaving you significantly out of pocket. The dealerships will offer you the trade or ‘book’ price from their valuation guides and the car buying sites will give you the same figure but will beat you down on price when appraising the car in person.

For Example...

  • Average price of used car in UK in 2018 - £12,775
  • Likely dealer part-exchange valuation - £10,225
  • Likely car buying website valuation - £9625
  • Selling your car privately will save you £2550-£3150

Selling your car privately however is often stressful, surprisingly time consuming and full of pitfalls. Use my service to avoid this and ensure you get the best financial return.

Fee - 10% of sale price